Spot light installation in Chelmsford
Downlights installation in Chelmsford

Having the right lighting in your house can make a world of difference in your home, choosing the right shade of light and the amount you have. Halogen which used to be the common bulbs to go for has now been replace with LED bulbs. 

Fitting spot lights can either be straight forward or a little harder for example: 

  • Can you get access to the lights from the floorboards?
  • Is the condition of the existing wiring in a good standard?
  • Is there any prep work ? Re-wiring, drilling access holes ect
  • Number of lights
  • Location of lights

The benefits of using led instead of halogen is that LED use less then 85% less energy, Led lasts up to 15,000 hours you can get dimmable bulbs and the low temperature and cooler environment.

The colours for the LED bulbs are, Warm white, Cool white or Daylight