Garden lighting installation in Chelmsford

Here is a photo of a Garden lighting installation I carried out in Chelmsford. 

Garden lights when the day gets dark look incredible, most of the time you go in the garden during the day and then in the evenings/ nights you don’t tend to go into your garden but having garden lights will make your garden fill homey in the evenings/nights, imagine looking outside and seeing your favourite plants glowing up or being able to see your summer house/shed and more importantly it will make your garden safer to walk down the dark hours. 

Most important thing is to make sure you get an electrician in the carry out any work, this is because its outside there are so many things that can go wrong such as water! You have to make sure that the cable is weatherproof, the boxes that are being used are water resistant and adding waterproof gel to prevent any water getting in to the box

There are many ways of lighting up your garden:

  • you can get spike lights in the flower beds,
  • you can installs lights on the fence around the garden,
  • wall lights
  • security lights
  • Decking lights
  • In paving stones
  • In your sleepers